Interview with Jeroen My Travel Agent in Thailand - Jeroen A Bartstra

This is the Travel Agent I have used for years - Interview with Jeroen My Travel Agent In Thailand - Jeroen A Bartstra

I am Andy Lee Graham, I have perpetually traveled the planet for 15 years, and visited 90 countries.

Jeroen keeps me from making extremely expensive travel mistakes.

This is an interview with Jeroen explaining how he keep me safe, and saves me 300-500 dollars almost every time I call him.


Thank Jeroen,

Andy Lee Graham

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Comments 2


I look forward to the contact info for Jeroenâ?¦..


Thanks Terry, soon we will have a way for people to consult with Jeroen, it is amazing how much money this man save me. Just when I think I am smart, he saves me another 300-500 dollars on plane tickets. I needed to put together a visa package for the Ivory Coast Consulate here in Bangkok, and he made is simple, life is good.

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