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Jeroen A. Bartstra a travel expert living in Bangkok, Thailand, he is available for consulting on Airfares, Visa, Immigration, Onward Tickets, etc.


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Where on the planet to find your "Hobby Tour?"
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Jeroen A. Bartstra

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Born in The Netherlands in 1970 I was already hauled across the world being only weeks old. I grew up in the turbulent Indonesia of the early 70's.

I feel privileged to have seen certain places in the world as a child before major changes would come to them. Among those I remember the Island of Bali without tourists, The Egyptian Pyramids still standing all by itself in the desert and looking over the Border in Hong Kong across the rice fields of Communist China what is now become the huge Megapolis of Shenzhen.

When I was 18 years old I started a small export import business sending Neck Ties to Europe and later Beach Wear to Thailand and Dubai.

I started a travel agent as well during that time, one that specialized in outrageous travel to the oddest places around the world. For 20 years I put most of my energy in that luckily finding enough time for myself to travel to a high variety of places across the globe.

Now I advise people and businesses on all aspects of travel especially helping save cost and avoid making unexpected mistakes.

I am happy with my ever growing collection of restored bluray movie classics and to travel to offbeat destinations where tourism is still in it's infancy; a form of nostalgia I suspect.

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Do you have an agency? Office? Website? How does one avail of your services?


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