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Travel Experts from around the planet grouping together to teach the world the art of travel.

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Rehoboth Beach, DE, USA. Love the beach!


Kpalime, Togo

Bella Sol

St Louis United States


Stockholm Sweden

University of Travel Experts Latest

Andy L Graham Travel Expert

Biography page of Andy L Graham, World Travel Expert available as consultant.

Jeroen A. Bartstra Travel Expert

Jeroen A. Bartstra a travel expert living in Bangkok, Thailand, he is available for consulting on Airfares, Visa, Immigration, Onward Tickets, etc.

To teach students how to travel and live anywhere on planet earth.

Propective travel experts, teacher, and researchers need to submit an application, then all present members must agree 100 percent that you are qualified to be called a travel expert.

Students: each student is assigned a private tutor, or can choose from various options.

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